3D Model of Computer Heat Sink

3D Model: Heat Sink

Geometry: Polygonal Polygons: 6,370 Vertices: 6,418 Textures: No Materials: No Rigged: No Animated: No UV Mapped: Yes Unwrapped UVs: No 3d model of computer heat-sink component Originally produced for Mystery on Telescope Hill 3d model > technology > computer equipment > computer components > cpu cooler > computer fan Keywords: computer equipment component electronic part electric cooler science piece heatsink heat sink

3D Model of a Nautilus Shell. Read more on Wikipedia

3D Model: Nautilus Shell

The 3D Model was originally developed for Adventure Beyond Time. The shell eventually became the logo for the game. The nautilus’ patterning and spiraling form conveys the concept of mathematic naturalism, a major theme of the game. Polycount: 908 – Quads & Triangles only Vertices: 917 Diffuse Map included Wavefront Object and Blender File Formats Available

3D Model of Allen Wrench Hardware Tool

3D Model: Allen Wrench

Geometry: Polygonal, Polygons: 54, Vertices: 50, Textures: No, Materials: No, Rigged: No, Animated: No, UV Mapped: Yes, Unwrapped UVs: Yes, non-overlapping. 3d Model of Allen Wrench. UV Unwrapped. Low Poly. Originally produced for The Secret of Chimera Labs as an inventory item. 3d model > industrial > tools > hand tools > wrench > allen wrench Keywords: allen wrench keys hardware tools hexagon key tool socket screw nut bolt work factory machine engine shop nail repair spanner metal hand garage

Chessia - Dwarf and Goblin Character Concept Art

Character Development – Workflow

This is a step-by-step walk-through of how the above images above were created. Both use a very similar workflow, which is outlined for each below. These images were rendered using Adobe Photoshop. Part 1: Dwarf First quick line concepts were created for the character. In this case we were looking for a dwarf. These sketches are designed as an iterative process – during which different ideas are explored, either by varying upon a theme or attempting alternate conceptual directions. Then, a group of sketches are selected for continued development. In this case, nearly all the sketches were chosen for the
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3D Model of Paper Towel Roll

3D Model: Paper Towels

Geometry: Polygonal Polygons: 261 Vertices: 260 Textures: Yes Materials: No Rigged: No Animated: No UV Mapped: Yes Unwrapped UVs: Yes, non-overlapping 3D Model of paper towel roll. Diffuse and Normal Texture Maps. OBJ, FBX, and Blend file formats. Originally produced for The Secret of Chimera Labs 3d models > interior design > spaces > residential spaces > restroom Keywords: paper towels tissue clean kitchen product towel house wipe maintenance dirt dirty spill bathroom restroom wc bath soap hand wash cleaner closet stuff

Mandelbrot RSC 2024 - The Secret of Chimera

Mandelbrot RCS 2024

WARNING: Fractal Corp’s Mandelbrot Rapid Cultivation System is intended for novelty use only. Fractal Corp waives all responsibility in case of accident, injury, death, disease or mutation resulting from usage of any Mandelbrot product. Novelty tissues produced using a Mandelbrot product will remain the soul property of Fractal Corp in perpetuity throughout the universe.