Start your journey ship wrecked on a mysterious island. Explore and discover remarkable locations. Search detailed environments.
Find items as you try to find a way back home. Enjoy the scenic imagery as the mystery grows deeper. Find clues to help solve dozens of puzzles
Complete the doctor's research as you discover the secret of the island. Learn about history and science while discovering the answer to the island's mystery.
Come and explore the Adventure Beyond Time.
Collect over 100 unique items and unlock puzzles as you uncover new secrets.
High detail atmospheric imagery and original music.
In Game hints system can be toggled on or off.

In this point and click, room-escape style adventure game, players are lost on the shores of a mysterious island. Clues and items await discovery in over 150 atmospheric environments, as players search for an escape while in pursuit of the ever elusive Dr. Teresa Von Awesome. An unfolding series of puzzles reveal the secret of the doctor's whereabouts and island's uncanny secret.