Chessia - Dwarf and Goblin Character Concept Art

Character Development – Workflow

This is a step-by-step walk-through of how the above images above were created. Both use a very similar workflow, which is outlined for each below. These images were rendered using Adobe Photoshop. Part 1: Dwarf First quick line concepts were created for the character. In this case we were looking for a dwarf. These sketches are designed as an iterative process – during which different ideas are explored, either by varying upon a theme or attempting alternate conceptual directions. Then, a group of sketches are selected for continued development. In this case, nearly all the sketches were chosen for the
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Mandelbrot RSC 2024 - The Secret of Chimera

Mandelbrot RCS 2024

WARNING: Fractal Corp’s Mandelbrot Rapid Cultivation System is intended for novelty use only. Fractal Corp waives all responsibility in case of accident, injury, death, disease or mutation resulting from usage of any Mandelbrot product. Novelty tissues produced using a Mandelbrot product will remain the soul property of Fractal Corp in perpetuity throughout the universe.