Orc Champion Digital Painting

Orc Champion

Fantasy image of an Orc Champion, created using a combined 3D to 2D workflow utilizing polygonal modeling, 3D sculpting, 2D digital painting and a little 2D photo-bashing. With a rough idea in mind prior to beginning work, we dove right in creating a sketch signature prop design for the piece: The four-blade combined axe and mace. After having arrived at a satisfactory concept sketch, we proceed to make model of weapon. The 3D model of the prop was brought into a 3D sculpting program, in which a character mesh was created, costumed, and posed. This model was then exported from
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Concept Art: Surface Drifter and Quad Roamer

Surface Scavenger

The above image was created using two concepts previously created related to a Mars colonization based IP we’ve been developing. Already in possession of a basic structural design for the character and vehicle (below) made constructing a more detailed image far easier. We were free to focus on the ‘how’ without needing to worry to much about the ‘what’, so to speak. For those who have followed our blog may remember the ‘Scavenger’ concept as part of a character and costume study we created several months ago. First, a rough line sketch was created to establish the character’s pose. Several
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The Secret of Chimera Labs 'Room' Structure

Game Development: ‘Room’ Structure

The below is a brief explanation of how graphic assets interact with the programming as implemented Mystery on Telescope Hill, Adventure Beyond Time, and The Secret of Chimera Labs. The graphic assets used in this article are from The Secret of Chimera Labs, specifically the ‘Second Floor Cart’ conceptual space; The Secret of Chimera Labs contains approximately 120 such conceptual spaces. The style of game employed in The Secret of Chimera Labs is often described as a ‘Room Escape’; and, indeed, moving through of series of spaces is an object of the gameplay and narrative progression. For this reason the
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Owl Statue 3D Model

3D Model: Owl Statue

Geometry: Polygonal Quads/Tris, Polygons: 1,282, Vertices: 1,183, Textures: Yes, Materials: No, Rigged: No Animated: No, UV Mapped: Yes, Unwrapped UVs: Yes, non-overlapping 3D Model of Owl Sculpture. FBX, OBJ, Blend, MA, MAX File formats Available. Diffuse, Normal and Specular Texture Maps. UV-Unwrapped Orthagraphic reference photos of statue taken at Kishimojin Temple during the Nichinen Festival in Zoushigaya, Japan. These photos were used to model the 3D object. Additionally a photo of granite surface, photographed in coastal Maine, USA, used as supplementary bitmap during texturing process. Keywords: owl, bird, statue, fowl, ornament, sculpture, fixture, book, desk, antique, wizard, study, symbol, library,
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3D Model of Paper Lantern

3D Model: Paper Lantern

Geometry: Polygonal Quads/Tris, Polygons: 1,082, Vertices: 1,080, Textures: Yes, Materials: No, Rigged: No, Animated: No, UV Mapped: Yes, Unwrapped UVs: Yes, non-overlapping, 3D Model of Japanese Paper Lantern. Blender, FBX, OBJ file formats. UV Unwrapped. Diffuse, Normal, Specular and Incandescent maps available. Two texture sets: one with calligraphy and symbol, one without. Keywords: light, lantern, candle, asian, japanese, japan, china, chinese, lamp, oriental, shop, sushi, lighting, decor, tokyo, exterior, interior, decoration, street, night, design.

3D Model of Starfish or Space Alien

3D Model: Starfish Creature

Geometry: Polygonal Quads/Tris, Polygons: 2,056, Vertices: 1,995, Textures: Yes, Materials: No, Rigged: No, Animated: No, UV Mapped: Yes, Unwrapped UVs: Yes, non-overlapping. 3D model of a Starfish… Or maybe an Alien Creature !. FXB, OBJ, Blender file formats. UV Unwrapped. Diffuse, Normal and Specular textures included: 5 different diffuse maps, 2 different normal maps. 3d model > nature > animal > sea creatures > fish > sea star, 3d model > characters > mythological creatures > fantasy and fictional creatures > alien Keywords: space alien sea creature ocean life water star fish starfish monster bug horror reef coral beach underwater
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3D Model of Alien or Mutant Growth Pod

3D Model: Mutant Growth Pod

Geometry: Polygonal, Polygons: 844, Vertices: 844, Textures: Yes, Materials: No, Rigged: No, Animated: No, UV Mapped: Yes, Unwrapped UVs: Yes, non-overlapping, 3D model of Mutant Growth. Diffuse, Normal Specular Maps included. UV Unwrapped. characters > mythological > creatures > fantasy and fictional creatures > alien nature > plants Keywords: alien seed pod space spore plant bulb flower egg scifi science fiction growth seeds fruit farm forest tree monster mutant halloween mad

3D Model of Take Out Container

3D Model: Take Out Container

Geometry: Polygonal Polygons: 906 Vertices: 880 Textures: Yes Materials: No Rigged: No Animated: No UV Mapped: Yes Unwrapped UVs: Yes, non-overlapping 3D Model of Take Out Container. Open Container, Closed Container, Sauce Packets, Chopsticks and Food. OBJ, FBX and Blend File Formats. Diffuse, Normal, Specular and Alpha Maps. Originally produced for The Secret of Chimera Labs 3d models > food and drink > food container > takeaway food container > chinese food container Keywords: food, takeout, take, out, chinese, asian, restaurant, container, meal, delivery, cheap, japanese, sushi, fast, noodles, rice, junk, diet, chopsticks, sauce, leftover.

Concept of Carter Dams for Martian Terraforming projection

Concept Art: Terraforming Mars

Digital paintings of Martian terraforming in progress. This world is in a middle stage of terraforming. Over the millenia, the once thin martian atmosphere has grown, and the planet has warmed. The carbon dioxide and dust and metal laden atmosphere has started a small greenhouse effect, and in the summer months, the mid-latitudes reach above freezing. Whatever idealism propelled the first settlers has long been forgot by most Martian people.

3D Model of a clipboard

3D Model: Clipboard

Geometry: Polygonal Polygons: 614 Vertices: 611 Textures: Yes Materials: No Rigged: No Animated: No UV Mapped: Yes Unwrapped UVs: Yes, overlapping 3D Model of Clipboard. OBJ, FBX and Blend file formats available. Diffuse, Bump, and Specular texture maps available Originally produced for The Secret of Chimera Labs 3d model > office > office supplies > clipboard Keywords: clipboard office accessories support pen paper draw clip board wood salesman notes note book sketchbook write pad supply sports coach game score

Illustration: 'Eye of Horus'

Illustration: The Eye of Horus

Cover Illustration and Title-Text Mock-up for “The Princess & Thief: The Tears of Hathor,” a Young Adult Fantasy Novel set in the Middle East during the early 16th Century. Previous black and white renders were borrowed to rapidly attempt a visualization. Several other concepts have been tested up to a rough color mock-up. The mystery created by the enigmatic symbol ultimately driving design direction toward this composition. The final render utilizes a combination of 3D render, photographic montage (‘photo-bashing’), and painted strokes. The square composition was chosen to enable excess crop and bleed in layout process. Expected target format is
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Chessia - Dwarf and Goblin Character Concept Art

Character Development – Workflow

This is a step-by-step walk-through of how the above images above were created. Both use a very similar workflow, which is outlined for each below. These images were rendered using Adobe Photoshop. Part 1: Dwarf First quick line concepts were created for the character. In this case we were looking for a dwarf. These sketches are designed as an iterative process – during which different ideas are explored, either by varying upon a theme or attempting alternate conceptual directions. Then, a group of sketches are selected for continued development. In this case, nearly all the sketches were chosen for the
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Mandelbrot RSC 2024 - The Secret of Chimera

Mandelbrot RCS 2024

WARNING: Fractal Corp’s Mandelbrot Rapid Cultivation System is intended for novelty use only. Fractal Corp waives all responsibility in case of accident, injury, death, disease or mutation resulting from usage of any Mandelbrot product. Novelty tissues produced using a Mandelbrot product will remain the soul property of Fractal Corp in perpetuity throughout the universe.