Concept Art: Surface Drifter and Quad Roamer

Surface Scavenger

The above image was created using two concepts previously created related to a Mars colonization based IP we’ve been developing. Already in possession of a basic structural design for the character and vehicle (below) made constructing a more detailed image far easier. We were free to focus on the ‘how’ without needing to worry to much about the ‘what’, so to speak. For those who have followed our blog may remember the ‘Scavenger’ concept as part of a character and costume study we created several months ago. First, a rough line sketch was created to establish the character’s pose. Several
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Concept of Carter Dams for Martian Terraforming projection

Concept Art: Terraforming Mars

Digital paintings of Martian terraforming in progress. This world is in a middle stage of terraforming. Over the millenia, the once thin martian atmosphere has grown, and the planet has warmed. The carbon dioxide and dust and metal laden atmosphere has started a small greenhouse effect, and in the summer months, the mid-latitudes reach above freezing. Whatever idealism propelled the first settlers has long been forgot by most Martian people.