Start your journey outside the mysterious manor on Telescope Hill. Help find Dr. Teresa Von Awesome, beloved scientist of the town of Nowheresburg.
Search detailed environments. Try to unlock the secret of the doctor's disappearance. Collect dozens of items to help as you uncover new secret places. Atmospheric imagery and music permeate this moody adventure.
Solve challenging puzzles, or use the in-game hint system. Learn about history and science while discovering the answer to the doctor's whereabouts.
Come and explore the Mystery on Telescope Hill !
Collect over 80 unique items and unlock puzzles as you uncover new secrets.
High detail imagery and ambient sound.
Progress Auto-saves.

In this point and click, room-escape style adventure game, players explore the mysterious home of the famous missing scientist, Doctor Teresa Von Awesome. The doctor's research and inventions uncover puzzles that hold the key to her disappearance. Players search for clues and items as they try to solve the unfolding series of puzzles through nearly one hundred atmospheric environments.