The Horizon Project


“Periodically through the course of history, opportunities to advance human knowledge and capabilites have arisen and thrust themselves before the eyes of our species which but just brief time earlier were entirely unimaginable. The taming of fire, the domestication of plant and animal, the discovery of a helio-centric universe, human flight and robot butlers are no less spectacular than the possibilities which await us now. The question which we are posed: Will human-beings become a multi-dimensional organism? Or, will we waste complacently into oblivion within the confines of the backwater 3.5 dimensional structure we have called home for so very long. At last we can answer this question; the answer is Horizon.

The Horizon Project Containment Structure
Official Chimera Corp engineering documents detailing key components of the Horizon Project.

“The Horizon will use q-bit based particle machines to manipulate energy units below plank-width inorder to collapse space-time into a controlled singularity spanning two or more dimensions. The stable singularity will create a multi-dimensional bridge between our universe and the adjacent universe or universes, opening travel and potentially lucrative trade opportunities.

“In simpler terminology, the Horizon will create a controlled black hole. Upon the holographic periphery of this singularity, tunnels to our neighbor universes will be accessible. We expect if successful, the first Horizon machine will be able to pass items as large as a compact car, or possibly even a fuel-efficient sedan, through it’s dimensional foci.

Secret of Chimera Labs - Horizon Accelerator
Official Chimera Corp engineering documents detailing key components of the Horizon Project.

“Aside from the epic and stupendous uses of multi-dimensional travel, there are also more practical and mundane applications. For instance: interplanetary travel between Earth and Mars now averages 9 months. The Horizon machine will lower the travel time between these two celestial bodies to approximately 9 nano-seconds. Imagine: 0-minute commutes, instantaneous pizza delivery, and unlimited clean energy.

“The stated reasons and others are why it is imperative the World Hegemony Bank provide funding of 1-billion credits to the Chimera Corporation for the construction of Horizon One. It is a new day, let us go boldly together through the unknown. ”

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